PLAY GROUP vol. I – Alternative Electronic and Modern Left-Field …is available in PRE-ORDER!


Switch Music Recordings celebrates the first year of activity with its first various artists compilation.

Play Group Vol. 1 – Alternative Electronic and Modern Letf-Field is a collection of several tracks made by artists closed to the label. A fluid listening that alternates electronic and techno sounds in the usual experimental way loved by Switch Music Recordings.

Circuit Bender and Velvet are tracks by Light Minded, where his techno soul is expressed in his most experimental side, but melodic at the same time. This is then enclosed in the remix of OAU (Torakiki feat Giulia Olivieri). OAU is an extract track by Torakiki of Torakiki’s album released by the band in 2016.

Routine and Fast Romances are Spong-x’ s tracks. These new released tracks follow his usual style in mixing warm melodies with techno sounds. Routine is a deep techno track that sounds like the anxiety generated by the daily routine, while Fast Romances wants to be more faster in the same techno-electronic mood.

Bist and Cixxxj have produced a single work, Green Window, divided in two tracks, Beat Pad and Fantasia Veneziana. Ipnotic sounds broken by an hard kick drum and techno rhythms. Outside from their label Noisybeat for this time to take part to this various artist.

Femdom is the Giulia Benedicta’s track. The singer-songwrite expresses her experimental side through a pleasant song. Drum beats, arpeggiators and effected voice loop mixed in the typical dark and deep electro way of the artist.

Gino Di Fazio, pianist and keyboardist, made two tracks for the label presenting himself as electronic music producer. A sidereal trip features by broken rhythms, alien atmospheres and fine melodies.

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