Joseph DL - Insult [SWC007]
  Joseph DL is back on Switch Music Recordings, coming forth from his analog studio. Dark and acid, Insult is a trippy, borderline and psychedelic techno EP, featuring two original tracks, “Stalking” and “Liar”. listen & buy on BEATPORT

OUT NOW! Joseph DL – Insult [SWC007]

Wires#02 Label Night at Mercato Sonato, venerdì, 16. dicembre 2016, Bologna
Bologna, venerdì 16 Dicembre, secondo appuntamento del progetto di AudioVisual Art “WIRES” curato da Aelion Project presso lo spazio pubblico del Mercato Sonato. Per questa seconda sessione le nostre videoproiezioni interagiranno con le sonorità elettroniche di Light Minded (Switch Music Recordings) e Marco Guidi (Hotel Cortez; SK Recordings; La Malvagio […]

Wires#02 at Mercato Sonato w/ Light Minded – Marco Guidi ...

Youmarel - Youmarel [SWC006]
  The Ep is a selection of many sounds grabbed and melted down from an inspiration of various contemporary artists like ONEOTHRIXPOINTNEVER, CAUSTIC WINDOW, and obviously the traditional atmosphere created during the 80’s by THE CURE. The three songs want to be a ‘Stone in a pond ‘ like a […]

OUT NOW! Youmarel – Youmarel [SWC006]